Pocket Wine Journal is dedicated to introducing wine lovers to exceptional and affordable wines from California and around the world… and helping wine lovers remember and save their favorite wines.

Capture and Share Your Favorite Wines

How many times has it happened to you? You’re out with friends; discover a terrific new wine only to find you can’t remember its name a few days later. How many times have you asked…

“What was the name of that great wine…?”

Now you can capture all of your favorite wines and share them with friends using the Pocket Wine Journal App on your iPhone, iPad or /Android device.

Find New Wines from California and Around the World

Pocket Wine Journal brings new, exceptional and affordable wines to its users every week from California and around the World. Receive weekly deals or go back and order from previous offers all year long… they will be delivered direct to your door. Discover how it easy it is to try new wines… and turn your love of wine into a rich history of your own memories. Discover Pocket Wine Journal!